10 Ways to Use the Northstar Bride Script

The newest addition to Northstar Scripts is the lovely 33" Bride Script in Rose Gold. With approximately 2.5 million weddings each year in the United States, this gorgeous balloon will adorn millions of celebratory events. To kick off your bridal inspiration, here are 10 easy ways to incorporate the Bride Script into events in 2019.

Occasions for the Bride Script

  • Bachelorette Party or Hen Night
  • Wedding Day Photos
  • Bridal Shower Bridal Suite

Ways to Use the Bride Script

  • Hang it over a dessert table
  • Tie it to the neck of a helium-inflated 3' balloon
  • Take photos of the bride holding it on the day of her wedding
  • Hang it from the ceiling or wall in the bachelorette's hotel room
  • Pair it with Qualatex Latex on an Organic Demi-Arch or Garland
  • Attach it to a Hula-Hoop adorned with Qualatex Latex and floral accents